Be master

Zuisho ni shu to nareba. Rissho mina shin nari 
Be master wherever you go Then wherever you are, things are as they truly are 

This is the most famous verse of the Record of Rinzai. If we stay in our true center, then no matter where we go, anything we do is Truth. But where is this center? Rinzai said to his students, "You of the Path, if I was to say what is most important, it is confidence." True confidence arises when the mind that believes and the mind that is believed in are one. The Buddha said to Ananda, "Be a refuge unto yourself, take the Dharma as your refuge. Be your own guiding light, make the Dharma that guiding light." This is what's most important. The Truth that pierces through the past, present, and future doesn't change. Unless we awaken to this Truth of not holding on to anything, of no self and no other, we'll be confident only when things are going the way we want them to go. The Path of Zen is not limited in that way. We have to make use of our surroundings rather than being used by them. The limited confidence of the ego depends on an external position, and when that position is gone, its confidence is gone as well. Instead of looking at others, we should look at ourselves. Instead of being used by others, we can be the master. Our states of mind are like any vehicle: in order to function, they require someone able to use them. When we completely become whatever comes along, there's nothing left that can move us around. Yet with one superfluous idea the devil of delusion appears and even a Bodhi-sattva becomes a devil's vehicle. This is what happens if we look outside ourselves for the Truth. When we don't allow our mind to become divided, we can know this place of confident functioning and what it means to be that person of the Path who relies on nothing. We are master wherever we go, and wherever we are things are as they truly are. 

from "Moon by the window" 
Shodo Harada Roshi

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