Be concerned but don't be worried

Now what is important is what my teacher Mumon Roshi often said. "Be concerned but don't be worried'

Being caring or concerned means to take care of every thing that comes to you; these things cannot just be ignored, we take care of them as they come.

But we must not over worry things.we should not makeup problems for ourselves.

Do not think of what has not happened yet, or to be overly concerned about what has already passed; instead to be like a mirror which just sees things everything as is, with no "then what’ or "what if?"

This is Zen.

If we don't do this we give birth to endless thinking, we do zazen to sharpen our concentration so that we can do this. To not escape from the actuality, to face it squarely, but to not add on any thoughts at all, this is the important fulcrum for living, and to do this we need concentration. Sussokan is the best for this, as well as the Naikan way of Hakuin Zenji.

~Harada Roshi Sept 2017

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