Baltic Sesshin

This weekend the first Baltic One Drop Sesshin took place. From Latvia Koetsu, Myokan, Shinkaku and Gunta were traveling to Lithuania, where Tsugen had organized the weekend. From the Lithuanian sangha also Genko, Genshu, Egen, Jakucho, Tsugen´s family, friends and sangha joined, 28 people all together. People from the cities of  Kaunas, Vilnius, Klaipeda, Paņevežis and Utena in Lithuania came all the way. This weekend sesshin was a first one for the Latvian and Lithuanian sangha working towards organizing the June 2016 Sesshin in Hokuozan together. Harada Roshi came up with this idea, so that both countries could join energies to step into place of leading the European sangha for a sesshin. It was received with a lot of enthusiasm and thankfulness. Shikaku leading zazen, Myokan Yoga exercises and Koetsu reading from Roshi´s teisho - a great beginning sesshin. The next one is planned to take place in the almost finished new zendo of Genshu and Genko in Vilnius next spring. You can find more pictures here.

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