Autumn Equinox

Higanbana - the flower that blossoms just around the autumn equinox

The fall and the autumn equinox correspond to each other. These are the days, when day and night are equally long. In order for day and night to be equal, the sun needs to rise in the East and set exactly in the West. This is the ceremony which is connected to the Segaki ceremony.  It has been the teaching of the Buddha for one week at the time of this equinox, to not kill any living beings but to use one´s energy to raise and support life, protecting all life while quieting your mind. So that we may even a little get closer to the state of mind of the Buddha, that is why we continue our efforts for a whole week. May this world become more and more a place of peace – let us all actually work on this becoming true. The main day of celebration is the 23rd of September, Autumn Equinox Day (秋分の日 Shūbun no Hi)

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