August Kosesshin with Harada Roshi in Hokuozan

Harada Roshi is offering the world wide sangha another chance to practice Zazen and Zen in action together.

He will be coming from the 18th of August until the 26th of August to lead a kosesshin. The kosesshin schedule will include Zazen and sanzen in morning and night, during the day samu projects together. Harada Roshi has expressed his wish to show and be part of samu, zen in action practice. In the afternoon there will be a chance for teishos. 

The Kokuho of the kosesshin will be on the 18th at 8pm, so please arrive until 6pm to settle in your room. It will end on the night of the 25th, following a morning birthday party for the Roshi on the 26th before his departure that day to Japan.

The place is Hokuozan Sogenji, Birkenweg 1, 27330 Asendorf. The sesshin fee will be 300 Euro, scholarship 170 Euro. This might also be a chance to bring your partners along, introducing them to zen training, since the sitting schedule is not intense like during Osesshin.

Since this is a special one time event, please sign up directly at:  Hokuozan.Sogenji@gmail.com until 1st of June 2012.

This will be a great chance for the whole sangha to experience the Roshi in a daily life situation, seeing how the practice of Zazen can be given life to in our daily activities.
Please do keep in mind that Shodo Harada Roshi is turning 73 this year, and that we never know how much longer he can take these long travels all around the world to support our groups everywhere. It is a precious chance he is offering us here.

Due to Roshi's busy schedule this year, we are currently not accepting any new questions at this time

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