An unusual event in Poland

There have been many public events with Shodo Harada Roshi giving a speech and calligraphy demonstration. This event though was giving people a taste of zen as well. Organized by Seigen Koji from Poland, it took place in the recently build and European architetural price winner in 2014 Philharmonic Hall of Szczecin. The audience was seated in a steep cinema type style, while the stage also was raised. The doors for the audience were opened just ten minutes before the event started, and there was the Roshi with his two translaters sitting on stage, spotlights being on them, an incense stick burning while the rest of the room was almost dark. Everyone entered chatting alone, yet there was this moment when everyone realized that zazen meditation was being practiced on stage, and a deep silence extended through the audience. The talk was kept short, only 5 calligraphies were written with explanations given by the Roshi. So that everyone may take some of that silence home with them, no questions and answers were added, but everyone naturally left in a quiet manner, as if they got a slight bit of zen taste ...

Some impressions here.

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