About being a teacher

First the awareness of being a teacher arises. In this world, children become parents themselves, gather experience, and can give guidance to those that just start off on their path. That is the law of life. That is why we need to take our precious time and study, keep polishing ourselves.

During the olden days, from the end of the Tokugawa period up till the Meiji time, the scholar and teacher Fukuzawa Yukichi would say: “Don´t create a being that is above or that is below others.” He left these famous words behind. He also said: “The greatest joy is to have one mission throughout one´s whole life. The saddest thing in this life is to have no education. The most disgraceful thing is to envy another person. The most honorable thing is to work for others while not needing praise. The most beautiful thing is to have love for everything and everyone. The most shameful thing is to tell lies. The loneliest thing is to not have work.” Taking these words to heart, we can polish our minds and pass them on to others.

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