A lotus flower opens five petals

Ikka goyo wo hiraku
Kekka jinen to naru

A lotus flower opens five petals
And of itself bears fruit

This lines are from the poem Bodhidharma presented when giving his transmission to Niso Eka

"I came from India,  so far, to China
To keep the Dharnia alive and to liberate all beings;
A lotus flower opens five petals
And of itself bears fruit. "

Thus Bodhidharma passed the Dharma to Niso Eka and named him the Second Ancestor. From there the five lineages that continued the Dharma evolved naturally: the Rinzai sect, the Soto sect, the Igyo sect, the Hogen sect, and the Unmon sect. Yet we must not let this division into five fool us. In Zen there is only one Truth. For this Truth to be transmitted, it must be manifested as living, breathing Dharma. Each of the Ancestors in turn, while having an individual essence, realized the exact same source as did Shakyamuni Buddha. This is how the One Awakening of the Buddha came to Bodhidharma and then flowed into these five vessels.
"A lotus flower opens five petals and of itself bears fruit" is a vow for our descendants, but we have to be peaceful in order for it to work—peaceful in our minds, our homes, in our society, and our count. A mind all of resentment can know the Buddha's true experience only by extinguishing the fires of greed, extinguishing the fires of ignorance, and extinguishing the fires of anger. Today all over the world people are fighting religious wars because they do not know the true source of all religions. If we realize this source, the peace of the world will be born naturally and spontaneously, because there is only one Truth. 

"I came from India, so far, to China to keep the Dharama alive and to liberate all beings." This is how Bodhidharma expressed the Truth beyond words and phrases. Niso Eka was transmitted this Truth and in turn passed it to the other Ancestors, keeping it available for the liberation of all beings.

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