20 Years Celebrations

Jisai, Daichi Roshi and Harada Roshi 

Shodo Harada Roshi and Daichi Roshi have arrived at Tahoma Sogenji, for a Kosesshin followed by an Osesshin. Today the 20 year anniversary of Tahoma Monastery is being celebrated. Congratulations and good wishes from the world wide sangha.

Additional report from Sokei: "A "Tahoma Mountain" cake was provided by Carol Soki Olson, one of the founders of Tahoma. Jon Tanzan Sholle played a song written especially for the event at Roshi's request. Roshi asked for a CD of the song. Delicious lasagne was prepared by Enso House. Many people from 27 years of zen training with Roshi appeared from the area to give thanks and offerings for all beings peace of mind for the next twenty years. Roshi shared with us the new 2017 Calendar, "Harmony is the Greatest Treasure." Thanks to all, and now we have Kokuho tonight for Kosesshin with 39 people. The Osesshin is full capacity."  More pictures here

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