LA ONE DROP:  Tanden Zendo


208 W. 64th Street Inglewood, CA 90302 

(note: the name of our area will be changing soon from "Inglewood" to "La Tijera Village")

We are located in the northwest corner of Inglewood, adjacent to Culver City and Ladera Heights, just north of LAX 





EVERY OTHER SATURDAYS     7am - noon  (on the cushion by 6:50am)


Jikun Kathy Sankey 310.259.8759

The ODZLA Zendo was designed and builtby Doshin Koji (William Griswold) and a couple of helpers in the summer of 1997. In September of that year, Shodo Harada Roshi formally opened the Zendo for practice. He first recognized it as an oasis for us to gather and nourish ourselves, but we all had the collective seed to develop the Zendo into a proper Rinzai One Drop and in January of 1998 we adopted the zazen schedule to reflect Sogenji's and Tahoma One Drop Monastery's sesshin schedules.

All of us on this path know there are mysterious forces working on our behalf as we move toward our vow. And, that is exactly how each of us in the OneDrop core group came together. We were all in the same boat, young in the practice, unripe, yet, we stuck together despite difficulties. You cannot imagine what it is to have each core member a leader in his/her own right, accomplished in many ways. Where could there really be a leader of such a group of leaders, each person, a self-starter and autonomous? But, that was exactly the fire necessary to light up the Zendo with each of us guided skilfully by the Roshi.The tension among us was just the right rub to start that fire and keep it going. Our deep purpose has always been inside each of us and now, after years of hanging out together, helping to polish one another, we are emerging as an even more powerful group with singular purpose. Those who breathe together, stay together. We continue to welcome new students!

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