One Drop Zendo Palermo Italy

Place: Ass. One Drop via M.Rapisardi 15, 90144 Palermo (Italy)

A brief story of the group:

The group has started in 2004 after Ilaria and Gianni first training in Sogenji.

Francesco, a friend who run a shiatsu school, asked to have Zazen sitting in his place, because we were a little insecure, we asked the Roshi who said: “there is nothing wrong in sitting Zazen with friends”. That's how everything started.

In 2005 Ilaria and Gianni did Jukai and got the names Ekin and Joraku.

The Roshi came in Palermo together with Daichi Zenni, Yasuko and SozuiZenni for a One Day Workshop in June 2007.

The new Zendo Opening poem by Harada Roshi :

"A new Dojo opens in the eternally joy filled mountain

"A new Dojo opens in the eternally joy filled mountain
This is the home land of joyful mysterious profound wisdom
the wind of zen will always
Be realized here
the seeds of the wisdom fields
Pacify the turbulent waves, with clear insight
All directions realize peace
From this serene mind"

That first time the Roshi did many calligraphy as presents for the dojo.

The Roshi came again with ShoE Daishi for two days workshop in January 2008 and a minisesshin in June 2010 with Calligraphy Event.

In January 2013 we quit the shiatsu school and  since February 2013 we have a Zendo in downtown Palermo dedicated only to zazen. The Ekin's project is to realize a city zendo with a various schedule, to give people who live and work in the city a place for inner concentration. We have Zazen, Sutra chanting and Itaten everyday. Weare now fiftheen people. One Drop Palermo is a no-profit association.

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