One Drop Zendo Europe - Ein Tropfen Zendo Europa

The association "One Drop Zendo (North Europe)" e. V. is a non profit organization.

A Zen monastery provides a chance to experience ourselves in simple life circumstances. Simple, vegetarian, healthy food and a simple life style close to nature by practising meditation in action outside and experiencing the seasons in their special qualities, help us to return to what we truly are. This process is not an easy one, since we need to face ourselves honestly. We can´t escape by hanging out in the Internet, or through a comfortable life style with over-heated rooms, eating and drinking according to our pleasure. This simple life style makes us see, what we are, without all these distractions and ornaments.

And from there we can learn to actually get to know ourselves, find what is truly shining within us, see that we do not depend on outer values. Supported by the practice of Zazen and by the silence during meditative work, we return to our original deep rooted trust in ourselves. From that firm inner base, we again are able to open our hearts and reach out to others.

The Zen monastery is for people who are interested in this inner work and process. In that way, it is a time to stay away from the Internet and mobile phones. The work in the garden and on the grounds is part of our meditation practice to learn, how we can bring our state of mind from sitting zazen practice into everyday action. 



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