Place: Tenchi Dojo, Blichersvej 71, 5230 Odense M

Time: People meet the first Wednesday of each month and sit from 18:30
for four periods of 30 minutes. Tea afterwards. Twice every 6 months
Zazen from 10:00 to 16:00 on Saturday or Sunday. Call for information.

Contact: Torben Sottaku Hornstrup Pedersen, phone: +45 29911748

Contribution: 20 kr

Ten Chi Dojo, OdenseDK

We are a group ofzen-people who are supporting one another in our practise. We areconnected to Harada Roshi and One Drop Zendo, but we are also openfor anybody who wants to practice zen and who need and wants to givesupport.

Ten Chi Dojo startedin 2002 and are having a zendo on Blichersvej 71 in Odense, Denmark.The zendo are big enough for 12 persons and have been developing atthat place since 2009.

Now we are meetingtogether the first Wednesday of the month for choka and 4x25min.zazen and tea afterwards and the third Wednesday of the month for30min. zazen, textreading and tea.

Our website is:www.zen-odense.dk

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