Hokuozan Sogenji monastery

Sesshins Schedules with Harada Roshi

Summer Sesshin Schedule

Winter Sesshin Schedule

Samu Sesshin Schedule 

4:00 am wake up

4:20 am on cushion

4:30 am Choka, Zazen, Sanzen

7:00am Breakfast, break

8:00 am Samu

10:00am Tea break

10:30am Samu

11:30 am end of Samu

11:00 am Tea with Roshi

11:50 pm on Cushion

12:00pm Lunch, break

1:50 pm on cushion

2:00 pm Dharma Talk

3:30 pm Kinhin and zazen

4:30 pm Supper, break

5:50 pm On Cushion

6:00 pm Zazen

7:30 pm Sanzen

9:30pm Sarei, Sutra, Kaichin, Yaza


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