True zazen is continued clear mind moments in everything we do...
Harada Roshi


10 Year Anniversary ODZ Hamburg

Ten years ODZ Hamburg were celebrated in a members small garden.  DanSai remembered for all participants the history and the remarkable cornerstones of our small group. From initially 6 people we were down to just two of us. Lately up to 16 people show up at our sittings, which are now three times a week. The party guests honoured the longstanding founders and supporters of ODZ Hamburg by providing a very nice celebration t-shirt with the ODZ-logo combined with the Hamburg emblem. All guests were  given a Japanese Daruma wishing doll with eyes to paint in. We are grateful for the support of Roshi and ShoE and always remember proudly  the moment of official acknowledgement of our group as ODZ Zendo Hamburg. For the future we wish ourselves more zazen and the ability to let go further.

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