One Drop Zendo, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Place: Teglgårdsstræde 8B, second floor, 1452 Copenhagen K
Time:  Sundays from 17.30-19.30

                      Sutras followed by 4 times 25 minutes periods of zazen.

                      First Sunday of the month: zazen instructions by Daiko
                      (good for newcomers).

                      Last Sunday of the month: 2 periods of zazen followed by
                      informal teatime with q&a.


Contact: Daiko peterdaiko111@gmail.com+45 29 88 16 85


Already in the early nineties, a small handful of Danish zen enthusiasts went to Japan and did monastic training in Sogenji. This first hand connection to the Roshi and his Dharma teaching gave rise to the Roshi's first European sesshin in Denmark May 1993.

From this visit onward arose the need to gather a local One Drop sangha too.

Under the supervision of Tommy Doetsu, one of the Roshis early students, the first Danish One Drop zazen group was formed.

From this time on, we have been hosting the Roshi and the European sangha for sesshins in Denmark every three years.

During these years with different sitting setups, more interested Danes learned about and took active part in the meditation practice, and over the years many have taken the opportunity to do monastic training in Sogenji. 

From the first day on, many arrangements have been attempted in order to address different people's need for daily lay practice, with weekly group zazen, small sesshins, and an actual zendo was built in the best samu spirit and put into use for years. The zendo was located 1 hour north of Copenhagen by the coastline. Today these facilities no longer exist.

Out of more than 30 of the Roshi's sanzen students around the half of them are still actively doing sesshins and meet for weekly zazen, faithfully practicing in accordance with the Roshi's teaching. We are fortunate to have Hokuozan within a fair reach of Copenhagen. Many people already have been there to help building and doing sesshin with the Roshi.

Today we meet in Copenhagen once a week for sutra chanting and zazen. Zazen instructions are offered specially to supervise newcomers who keep popping up, but also for everybody together to realign to the most basic of zazen, body alignment, tanden breathing, and developing the cutting edge. It becomes more and more the agenda to sit collectively and unite our effort to energize the zendo. We begin to experience how this affects each other's sitting, how the zazen quality and zendo dynamic have become each and every person's responsibility. Then we actually can support each other's zazen on the spot. This becomes the foremost importance in raising the zendo.

The need to share more sangha time beyond zazen has been outspoken, so therefore we now have included tea time. A time where issues around practice are brought up, and it's also our hope over the years, that we can put our zazen in action and build an actual zendo.

Countryside land is available 80 km west of Copenhagen and half way to Odense, hometown of Ten Chi one drop zendo. In accordance with the need, it's our hope one day to cultivate this as a place of practice. So far it's only in blueprint, but Daiko is slowly transforming a small 30 square meters building into a zendo.


Daiko´s New Zendo in the Spring

Visit by Harada Roshi

Sutra of Blessing

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